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360° Approach

The Rationale
There is a lack of sufficient absorptive capacity for capital. In many instances social entrepreneurs are too small and cannot sustain themselves financially.

Impact Investors are finding it difficult to find mature and investable social businesses.

‘Bridge funding’ is missing in the early stages of social enterprises which are lacking technical skills and the finances to scale up.

Who is going to educate, train and help to develop and grow the pipeline and start - up companies to become sound and profitable investments for the tomorrows and the better future?

Our Value Proposition
360° Impact raises and will develop a blend of grant and investment for social entrepreneurs to progress and move upwards to the growth stage and to validate the feasibility of their new business models.

A mix of grants and investments can bring about the growth of social enterprises and bridge the gap from enterprise creation to scale.
360° Impact also aims to develop partnerships between non profits and commercial institutions and optimize a balance between social outcomes and financial returns.

The power of business with the purpose of serving philanthropic ideals

Our Approach
The ‘Yin-Yang’ Deal Approach is one of blending capital from Financial First Investors and Impact First Investors together with Philanthropic Organisations to generate high levels of social /environmental impact.














Our Intervention
The Monitor Study lays out the developmental journey of the social enterprise across four stages namely the blueprint, validation, preparation and scaling.


Blueprint Stage: All social entrepreneurs begin with a design or master plan, developing original ideas & technologies and communicating with potential customers to foster a value driven proposition.

Validation Stage: Business Plan ready, companies then analyze and evaluate their ideas by means of pilot marketing projects.

Preparation Stage: Business model selected and in place, companies get ready and anticipate securing the business opportunity.

Scaling Stage: Companies move to the final stage of scale. They grow gradually by distinguishing the partners, business, tools and resources needed to scale and by drawing more attention from investors.

Schwab Foundation: defines social entrepreneurs as drivers of social innovation and transformation in various fields including education, health, environment and enterprise development. They pursue poverty alleviation goals with entrepreneurial zeal, business methods and the courage to innovate and overcome traditional practices.